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Board Member

Michelle graduated from Dominican University in Marin County, California with a Master’s in Counseling Psychology and with the intention of working directly with families impacted by Substance Use Disorder. Michelle has held the position of Family Therapist in a variety of residential and outpatient treatment settings, facilitating family programs and advocating for the needs of family members and family--system care within and beyond the treatment experience.

Michelle’s passion for wellness stems from her personal experience and wish to pay forward the skills that help people grow beyond the destruction of addiction and to create more stable and satisfying ways of living. Michelle believes in the intrinsic resources of a family and draws on its strengths to motivate lasting change. Her family curriculum design is noted to be eclectic in style, yet rooted in attachment, trauma and family systems theories.

Currently, Michelle dedicates her time and energy to nurture a private practice in Marin County and connections with her family, friends and her two dogs.
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