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The Crescent Moon Gallery is a pop-up exhibit at the center, curated by participants at the conclusion of each program.


We will also display artwork, photography and writings created by people in the larger recovery community.


The Gallery provides a forum for fundraising and educational events to address the challenge of addiction and recovery, including the social stigma and shame associated with it.

The forum will give a voice to those who want the opportunity to talk about their journey through addiction to recovery.


APRIL 28-30, 2023


We are planning a 2-day event at Rush Ranch where our program is hosted by the Solano Land Trust, a 2070 acre nature preserve of rolling marshland hills. It is a land rich in cultural history, once home to the Patwin Indians. 

The event will open with an exhibit of artwork from people in the Bay Area recovery community, and beyond: paintings, sculptures, writings, and photography. This exhibit, Reframing Addiction & Recovery Through Creative Expression, will provide a platform for artists to talk about their art work, read their writings, and share their journey from addiction to recovery. There will also be an Art Auction to benefit both the artists and our nonprofit.

To demonstrate how creative expression illuminates the path to recovery, we invite you to participate in workshops and gain your own insights. You can paint, journal and join others in collaborative mural making. You will also get to witness the special relationship between horses and humans. 

Our experiential, multi-media healing arts event will include:  

  • Honoring the history of the Patwin Indians who lived on the land and surrounding areas of Rush Ranch


  • Horses at liberty interacting with musicians of various genres such as Hip Hop, Classical, and Folk/Bluegrass

  • Dancers & Performers


  • Experiential workshops of Creative Art and Equine-Assisted Learning:

    • Singing Tree Project - materials will be available for you to collaborate on creating a mural;

    • Sketch books, easels and paint will be available for you to engage in drawing and plein-air painting

    • Poetic Medicine - join a poetry circle or take a journal and write

  • Keynote speakers on addiction and recovery, creative arts and equine-assisted learning



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