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Crescent Moon Center, A Place for Healing through Horses and Art,

is located at Rush Ranch on a 2070-acre nature preserve.

Through proven experiential art and equine-assisted learning workshops,

followed by ongoing community engagement and support, Crescent Moon Center

offers an empowering path toward healing, resilience, and growth.

We are a women-led 501c3 nonprofit organization and a peer-support recovery community.


Crescent Moon Center's mission is to build a community of support around people in recovery from or at risk for alcohol and drug dependency, particularly those facing challenges due to stress, trauma, and disability.


(1) We offer experiential equine-assisted learning and creative arts programs. 

(2) We improve access to recovery resources and programs for diverse, underserved and under-resourced communities. 

(3) We advocate for change in the public’s perception of mental health challenges and substance use disorders.

(4) We develop coalitions and initiatives for recovery support locally, regionally, and nationally.

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We envision a world where challenges are met with compassion and where shame and stigma are no longer obstacles to recovery and wellness.

We facilitate public dialogue that will lead to a shared understanding and change.

We offer a bridge for people in recovery and at risk for alcohol and drug dependency due to stress, trauma and disability -- a bridge to authentic engagement with personal goals and community.


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1. We believe that healing and recovery from stress, trauma, drug and alcohol dependencies, and disability is a challenging journey which requires a support system.

2. We believe everyone should have access to recovery and wellness programs, regardless of socio-economic status or position.

3. We believe that the experiential process involving horses and art promote personal development and healing by helping people learn through different lenses of self-discovery.

4. We believe educational activities which take place in a natural environment enhance our quality of life - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social well being.

5. We value the preservation of wilderness and the beauty and serenity of nature as a means for finding inner peace and engagement with life. 

6. We believe that developing self-awareness and confidence help us to realize our full potential.

7. We encourage people in recovery to pursue their unique purpose and wellbeing.

8. We support reintegration into meaningful relationships.

9. We believe in addressing the specific needs of each individual.

10. We maintain safe, caring, and sustainable standards of practice relating to our program.


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Our program is for adults (18+) who are in recovery and at risk for alcohol and drug dependencies, particularly those facing challenges due to stress, trauma, and disability.

Many participants do not have the resources to access private wellness and holistic healing services yet still need support on their journey. 

As a nonprofit, we are dedicated to improving access to wellness resources and programs for diverse, underserved and under-resourced communities. Through scholarships, we enable participation for those who need financial support.

We work in partnership with 501C3 nonprofits, Access Adventure, which provides therapeutic horses for our EAL workshops, and The Solano Land Trust, which hosts our program at Rush Ranch to primarily serve the residents of Solano County and the San Francisco Bay Area.

We started locally and are building our network with the intention to scale our program regionally and nationally.


Our program is inspired by scientific research into the healing benefits of equine-assisted learning and creative expression which support holistic wellness.

Crescent Moon Center approaches healing through the creative process and experiential learning - learning through personal observation and interactive experience, followed by reflection, integration and application of newly learned perspectives. Our arts and equine-assisted learning workshops are designed to integrate with one another, each providing a unique lens of self-discovery


Through our program, Healing Reflections, we provide ongoing support - 1:1 peer-mentorships, peer-support groups, individual and group activities, internships, community events, and art exhibits. Our art gallery provides a platform for participants to share about their journey. 


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Karen Kahn is Crescent Moon Center's Founder, President, and Executive Director.


Crescent Moon grew out of Karen's personal experience with a family member who struggled with addiction. With this perspective into the recovery process, she realized how important it is that people have access to affordable programs which promote holistic wellness. 

Karen strongly believes that horses and creative arts can have a transformative effect on one’s life. She is a certified member of the Board of Equine Interaction Professionals and is a licensed partner of Medicine Horse Ranch. She is also certified in Art4Healing by Brandman University. 

poem-Goddess Garden.jpg


Karen wrote this poem as she was contemplating what to say about the vision of Crescent Moon.


It was supposed to be a paragraph, but it came out as a poem. The imagery came from her belief that the phases of the moon are metaphors for the phases of recovery. It shows the magic of recovery, the importance of connection to the universe- the sky, the moon, the earth- the physical and the spiritual.

We invite you to support this vision for Crescent Moon, A Place for Healing through Horses and Art. Your gift will help to sponsor a participant in our program and provide them with an innovative, experiential journey into healing and wellness.

poem-Goddess Garden.jpg
Horse with Naja.jpg
Horse with Naja.jpg



In ancient times, the Naja, an emblem which symbolizes the crescent moon, was placed  on the headstall of a horse's bridle to ward off "evil spirits."

The word 'crescent' comes from the Latin term 'seres' meaning to bring forth and create.  'Crescere' is a Latin term for grow and thrive. This is a perfect metaphor for individuals in  recovery who are creating new pathways and cultivating personal growth.

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