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Addiction in America is a growing public health crisis. In 2020, “…more than 100,000 Americans died from drug overdoses, the most ever recorded in a single year. [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,]  
The State Health Access Data Assistance Center reports that: 
The size of alcohol, drug overdose death increases in the first pandemic year were unparalleled. In 2020, U.S. alcohol-involved deaths climbed by 26.6%, and drug overdose deaths by 30.6%. 
This serious public health concern is reflected in California and Bay Area statistics.

According to the California Drug Overdose Surveillance Dashboard:  
·      California drug deaths increased 20.3% 2019-2020 and 46.7 % 2020- 2021 
·      Contra Costa drug deaths increased 10.6% 2019-2020 and 45.8% 2020- 2021 
·      Alameda drug deaths increased 39% 2019-2020 and 23% 2020- 2021 
·      San Francisco drug deaths increased 62.6% 2019-2020 and 37.7% 2020- 2021 
The Surgeon General also addresses this social health crisis: “…1 in 10 deaths among working adults are due to alcohol misuse… more than 60% of people treated for a substance use disorder experience relapse within the first year after they are discharged from treatment… and even after treatment, they remain at increased risk for relapse...” The research shows that, "Individuals who participate in [recovery support services] typically have better long-term recovery outcomes... active recovery and social supports, both during and following treatment, are important in maintaining recovery.” [Facing Addiction in America
Crescent Moon Center's program helps people avoid relapse and maintain long-term sobriety through active engagement with recovery and community support systems. Many people who suffer with addiction cannot afford private rehabilitation or outpatient services, or are only able to receive the bare minimum through government and insurance programs. Resources for treatment are often quickly depleted due to cost or to government and insurance caps. For the most part, private and nonprofit rehab centers and medical facilities offer programs that are circumscribed by time, and on-going support services are often minimal, if provided at all.  
As a nonprofit, we meet the needs of people who cannot afford private and outpatient rehabilitation, or who are only able to receive minimal treatment and counseling. We complement traditional recovery programs and bridge the gap between residential, outpatient programs and independent living.  

You can help to support people recovering from or at risk for addiction by volunteering, donating, creating a fundraiser, and becoming a corporate sponsor or community partner.  Sign up to learn more!

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