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Laurie Marshall, M.A. is a cutting-edge educator and creative activist who uses collaborative art to envision healing of heartbreak. Known as The Singing Tree Lady, Laurie is the founder of Unity Through Creativity Foundation and the Singing Tree Project. This is a collaborative healing process inspired by Nature that envisions healing community heartbreak to spark innovative actions. 88 murals have been created by 20,000 people from 52 countries. She has worked with underserved and at-risk/at-potential for over 35 years. Marshall's many books include “Beating the Odds Now”, “Singing Trees: A Growing Forest” and “The Flood of Kindness - Inspired by Hurricane Katrina”, written by an 8 year old boy, produced and illustrated by Laurie. Many murals have been funded by Tobacco Free entities to help youth and adults envision freedom
from addiction. The Singing Tree Project partners also include NASA, FEMA, Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth, Bioneers, the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Project Drawdown, the World’s Leading Resource for Climate Solutions. Marshall is trained as a Conversational Intelligence Coach, a Peace Ambassador, a
Waldorf educator, and a graphic facilitator.

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