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Joseph DeNucci has been actively involved in the healthcare and the wellness industry for over 25 years. He is the President of DeNucci & Associates, a consulting company providing expertise in comprehensive strategic planning and business development, specifically for clients with interests in merging conventional health and medicine with Alternative Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness. DeNucci has developed and owned a number of healthcare related businesses, and has consulted and developed projects for clients that include Duke University, Baptist/St. Vincent Health System, Medtronic, and Menla Mountain Retreat and Tibet House-Manhattan on behalf of the Dali Lama, Sierra Tucson Treatment Hospital and Miraval-Life in Balance Resort and Spa, Insight Intensive at Gold Lake, and many others.

DeNucci is co-founder and managing partner of NextHealth, LLC, a Chicago based private investment firm lending expertise and capital to startup companies in the healthy living and healthy lifestyle space. Additionally, DeNucci is a manager and investment advisor to William O’Donnell Jr., founder of ODE, LLC in Chicago; and DeNucci also manages the Family Office for O’Donnell.

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