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Hilary Maslon is an abstract painter with over 30 years of experience in painting and exhibiting. She has a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from Queens. As an entrepreneur, ecologist, and lover of animals she brings a new perspective of art and healing. She has taught art to diversified groups and venues in NYC, Mississippi and California.

Originally from a farm in Minnesota, Hilary moved with her family to Los Angeles at the age of 13, and then went on to study at San Francisco Art Institute, acquiring a BA through New College of CA/Mill Valley Program. In 1990 she moved to NYC, where she painted, exhibited, and worked as a scenic artist and prop technician.
In 2000—motivated by the need to see the stars, know where her food came from, and become more self-reliant, she purchased land in the Piney Hills of North Mississippi and set up a cattle ranch and retreat. For the next 10 years, she split her time between Mississippi and NYC, acquiring her MFA. Subsequently, she established herself as a full-time resident of Mississippi, and became a host for the Worldwide Organization of Organic Farmers and taught farming and ranching skills to young adults from all over the world.
Her teaching experience includes: NYC: Working through LEAP, a New York based artist-in-the-schools program, and Art Start where artists

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