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Singing Tree Collage for CMC Website.jpg

The above images are examples of some of the works of art created through collaborative efforts by a wide variety of groups of people throughout the world.

The Singing Tree Workshop is led by Laurie Marshall, founder of The Singing Tree Project, which is powered by Unity Through Creativity Foundation. The seed for the Singing Tree™ Project was planted in 1999 when Marshall heard 8 year-old Meredith Miller ask “What if the whole world made a painting together?” This vision of all of humanity working together resonated with a deep longing for peace in the world.  The Singing Tree project demonstrates that collaboration is not only possible, but it produces extraordinary results. Laurie has brought The Singing Tree Project to communities throughout the world, including Bosnia-Herzegovinia, Brazil, Cyprus, India, Ghana, Peru, Mexico and Kenya.  She is now training facilitators to expand this Peace Building Through Art Process. 

This workshop will be offered as part of Crescent Moon’s core program and incorporates the concept of The Singing Tree Project with goals including building healthy relationships and community, inspiring hope, honoring nature, celebrating art & creativity and cultivating health, resilience and well-being. 

Please see images below and learn more about Laurie Marshall and The Singing Tree Project here:

The Sarajevo Singing Tree (Video)

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