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An Innovative, Experiential Journey into Addiction Recovery

Crescent Moon Center offers an innovative, experiential approach to recovery;
one that is based on learning through personal observation and interactive experience,
followed by reflection, integration and application of newly-learned perspectives. 

The program is uniquely able to prevent relapse through creative, collaborative, and authentic engagement with self and others. This approach counteracts the social isolation, shame and stigma which addicts often experience as a significant challenge to recovery. This approach also provides a lens of self-discovery that helps participants address the root causes of their addiction and through self-awareness, participants are able to establish guardrails for sustained sobriety and wellness.


Crescent Moon Center’s mission is to build a community of support around individuals recovering from substance use disorders by: 

(1) offering experiential equine-assisted learning
and creative arts programs 

(2) improving access to recovery resources and programs for underserved and marginalized communities 

(3) developing coalitions and initiatives for addiction recovery support locally, regionally, and nationally

(4) creating a lens of discovery into addiction and advocating for change in the public’s perception of substance use disorders.



Crescent Moon Center envisions a world where addiction is met with compassion -- where shame and stigma are no longer obstacles to recovery. 

Through advocacy, we give voice to the systemic and cultural barriers that negatively affect people impacted by addiction and facilitate public dialogue that will lead to a shared understanding and change. 

We offer a bridge for people in recovery, a bridge that helps avoid relapse, a bridge to a meaningful and life-fulfilling engagement with community.


In order to provide access to innovative addiction recovery programs, we will need to overcome many systemic and cultural barriers.


We are offering the opportunity for you to support long-term sobriety and prevent relapse into addiction in underserved and under-resourced populations.